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Take your music to the next level


Have a listen to some of the previous work done here at Warlord Studios.


Warlord Studios provides many different services. Whether you only need your tracks engineered, or you'd like your tracks fully engineered/mixed/mastered, we can do it. Send an email for a quote!

When you send your tracks over for editing, they will be seamlessly placed into perfect time. This can correct any minor mistakes and truly bring out a flawless performance. Proper editing can be essential to releasing a mix that sounds both modern and punchy.


Mixing not only includes the tonal balancing of each track to find the perfect 'mix', but is also where individual tones get polished and become full. Whether it be resampling drums, processing live drum tones, reamping guitars, or adding shine to vocals, your mix is sure to have power, clarity and punch.


Having someone produce your material can be beneficial in many ways. This can mean fully writing the songs, taking what's already there and making it better, or helping with transitions and restructuring the material. Production can include anything from instruments to effects, so the possibilities are limitless!


Engineering involves the recording of each element of your song. Recording your tracks through some of Warlord Studios state of the art preamps and interfaces can ensure that your tracks will be ready for the mix you've been dreaming of, whether it be completed here or elsewhere.


Perhaps you have the mix you've always wanted, but are missing the final step before you can show it off. Mastering takes your mix and puts it through a series of sonic enhancements to bring it to life and ensure it's ready for the public ear. 


Send your guitar and bass DI's to be reamped through one of the studios high-end tube amplifiers, or even have it reamped through an amp sim - you decide. Have a particular tone in mind that you would love to hear on your own song? We can almost always match the sound and deliver the perfect fit for your band.



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